Opencast Summit 2021 is hosted by TU Graz. However, there will be no physical presence:
the event will take place entirely online.
Please use the following Matrix / Element chat rooms for direct communication (the latter will be used for summit-related announcements):

Summit Sessions

There are two parallel sessions hosted in the following BigBlueButton-rooms1:

The Opencast adopters track is hosted mainly in the main room; the secondary room hosts the rest of the tracks.
You can find more information and the above links directly in the Programme. Simply click on a presentation title to open the respective room.

  1. The BigBlueButton-infrastructure for the summit was kindly provided by Uni Osnabrück.

Coffee Breaks & Evening Activities

Although this year’s Opencast summit must take place entirely virtually, we have decided to organise and provide the possibility to meet and chat independently from the summit sessions – as we would do in a normal summit with physical presence. For this we use Gather.
For coffee breaks, evening activities, and literally everything else apart from the summit sessions, meet us at the following virtual venue:

The password to enter will be provided to all registered participants via email.

Evening activities include a virtual Pub Quiz which will take place at the lobby and two live streams which will be hosted on our Opencast-based video portal, TU Graz TUbe. These live streams are part of our TUbe:beyond series:


TU Graz TUbe Events – beyond Academia

The video portal TU Graz TUbe is the primary online platform for hosting academic video content at TU Graz. This includes recordings and/or live streams of regular courses, guest lectures, conferences, and other official video content of TU Graz. The new event series TUbe:beyond offers a parallel level of video content –independent from academia– on the same portal. This includes music performance, visual arts, culinary arts, discourse, and other types of live events that appeal to TU Graz students – and beyond. The idea behind TUbe:beyond is to promote arts and culture, intertwined with academic content, independently from external platforms.